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Put Prospecting on Autopilot

2024 is the year we stop procrastinating prospecting. It's time to master your market, utilising your CRM and real-time market insights to visualise your sales strategy.

Join real estate mogul, Tom Panos and Head of Agentbox Sales, David Bliss as they teach you how to take control of prospecting in Agentbox's new Masterclass! Access 6 key modules, with 6 actionable take-aways in under 30 minutes of course work.

Plus, learn more about Prospector, Agentbox's key to prospecting success.

Featured Modules

Our prospecting modules cover a range of topics from KPIs to the importance of segmentation. Check out a few below: 

Module 1: KPIs

8 mins
Uncover the effortless and seamless method to monitor and elevate your prospecting success in alignment with your agency's or personal KPIs.
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Module 3: Prospecting Methodologies

8 mins
Unlock the optimal strategy for implementing a multi-channel approach to prospecting.
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Module 5: The Importance of Segmentation

7.5 mins
Explore the transformative journey of transitioning your CRM from bulky to sleek by leveraging segmented lists.
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