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Prospecting software for real estate agents

Grow your database to reach more audiences than ever before, with visual mapping to help you target the right people for your next campaign.

Expand your reach and connect with your community

Prospect directly from your CRM, with real-time market updates for personalised campaigns.

Zone in your Market - Agentbox

Zone in on your market

Stay ahead of the game and your competitors with advanced prospecting. Hyper-target the right prospects, reducing lost time so you can focus on listing and selling more properties.

Get the latest market updates

There is no time to waste. With a live CoreLogic integration, you can prospect and own your area like never before. See real-time on-the-market data.

Get the Latest Market Updates - Agentbox
Visualize your Next Sales - Agentbox

Visualise your next sale

Make prospecting easier. See known and unknown contacts in your database on map view, helping you zone in on your ideal suburb profiles.

Be your area expert

Know the latest information using your combined CRM data and on-the-market data from CoreLogic. Be the area expert and have informed information at the ready for those prospecting communications.

Be your Area Expert - Agentbox
Meet your Clients Needs - Agentbox

Meet your clients growing digital needs

Revolutionise client engagement with a digital-first approach. Utilise interactive Digital Proposals and an Agentbox website for unparalleled conversion power, giving your prospecting activities a competitive edge.

Here's what our customers say

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"I could rattle off a long list of reasons why I love Agentbox but the review would be far too long"

I have been working in the Real Estate industry for over 16 years in a Sales Administration/PA role and during that time I have used a number of CRM programs. I have always found Agentbox to be my favourite one as it is so user friendly.

Debra Rayner
Sales Administration/Waller Realty Castlemaine
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"Agentbox has been a fantastic upgrade from our previous CRM"

We find it easy to use from prospector to trust accounting. The app is also fantastic when out in the field. The ease of creating enewsletters each week has been great to get info to a vast number of contacts. The training and frequent webinars are also good to keep on top of the latest upgrades.

Mark Madden
Licensed Sales Consultant Burke&Smyth Real estate
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"One of the best platforms I've ever used"

Agentbox is like the Iphone equivalent of CRM systems. Environmentally friendly, modern technology which puts us one step ahead and quick.

Sarah Dawson
Property Specialist - Real Property Specialists


What are key moments in the prospecting journey?

1. Establish a baseline – this is essential just as the name suggests, establishing your baseline for the area you will focus your prospecting efforts in.
- Area expertise
- Local area research
- Attend opens
- Suburb profiling

2. Determine listing streams – and optimise! Invest in ensuring your listings are comprehensive and impressive with easy ways for people to reach out to you, highlight great suburb features such as nearby amenities, include up to date and complete information with high quality photos. Showcasing what your agency can do, as you move along the prospecting journey ensures higher chances to convert prospects to appraisals.

3. Determine communication methods – these can be in the form of the below as an example:
- Email
- Phone
- Door knock
- Social media
- Flyers
- Digital Proposals

4. Connect, content & nurture – This is where you break that ice and start getting your message out there to nurture the relationship with potential prospects, or ones you already currently have.  
- Promotions
- Price updates
- Buyer/seller enquiries
- Referrals
- Marketing
- Letterbox drops
- Newsletter
- Social media
- Leadership knowledge

5. Create prospecting lists - This is a big one. To help you stay on track and keep things moving. Identify prospects with intent  ‘Likely to’ list or your ‘Hot Chase’ list.

How can I use Digital Proposals in my prospecting?

The beauty of our Digital Proposals is that they can be used for practically anything you want to showcase. This could be a prospecting presentation, an appraisal, an agent profile, you name it. With full customisability and template set up, you can leverage beautifully designed digital proposals to offer a unique way to showcase features to potential prospects.

With a simple link, our digital proposals can be sent via SMS text or email right into the hands of potential prospects from your database records. As you add more contact records, your prospecting and nurturing efforts can shine above competitors. You can also track metrics such as link clicks and how many times a proposal was open and viewed which can highlight the intent of prospects, so you know when to adjust your strategy and pitch.

How does advanced prospecting help me?

The team at Agentbox built an advanced prospecting tool to reduce a multi-system approach by incorporating it right into the CRM, where all your data is already hosted.

Agentbox keeps your data clean through a single contact entry database so you can rest assured there is no need to transfer data to a third party prospecting application, reducing risk and additional costs. By analysing your own database along with live, on-the-market data from CoreLogic gives you a real leg up on your competitors. This is because you’re analysing the who’s who and identifying new opportunities as a result. What if you had been prospecting in the wrong places all along and wasting time? Instead of performing your best pitch to the wrong audience, your prospecting efforts can be hyper targeted to where they will matter most.

I have set prospecting areas, how does this help?

Our advanced prospecting has the ability to visualise your set areas with our geo-mapping capabilities. With your suburb profile boundaries set in our CRM, you can reduce cross over prospecting with other agents in your organisation, reducing wasted time and effort while hyper targeting the right contacts.

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