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Leverage your brand to dominate the market

Consolidate and super-charge your Multi-Office agency, driving new levels of influence and performance, courtesy of a CRM which evolves in-line with your business goals.

Unlock the full potential of your Multi-Office Agency

With a focus on data excellence, strategic organisational change and mobile features that give your agents an unbeatable edge, Agentbox’s award-winning real estate software is purpose-built to support your complex organisation.

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It's time for an upgrade

Centralise and organise all your client information, interactions, and transactions in one secure place.

Say goodbye to missed follow-ups and hello to stronger client connections that lead to increased referrals and repeat business.

A CRM that's just for you

Take control of your destiny whilst remaining within the business you love by implementing Agentbox as your personal CRM.

Agentbox gives structure to your independent or business unit real estate practice, supporting you with the right systems to work vendors and buyers, track the performance of your assistants and – most importantly – to enhance your influence over the market you serve.

A CRM thats Just for You - Agentbox
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Every tool your business needs, under one roof

Equip your multi-office agency with the pinnacle of automation, client engagement, and prospecting tools available in the market.

And, take the lead from the outset with a website designed to make an exceptional first impression on vendors, buyers, and prospects across all your locations.

Here's what our customers say

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" I could honestly not see myself using any other CRM."

I love how efficient Agentbox is in creating property appraisals, turning said appraisals into listings, putting the properties up in the market, and processing sales. Everything is laid out step-by-step, and even those who have not had training with this CRM will find it easy and convenient to use. Agentbox has definitely been our partner for years in listing and selling properties online.

Krizia Gail Lucero
Sales Administrative Support - Dingle Partners Pty Ltd
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"My issue gets resolve 100% of the time."

Agentbox truly benefits the agency as it holds all the relevant and important information all within one space for all staff to access. It isn't to complicated to use and I regularly use the Help & Support function if I'm unsure of how to do something - The instructions and steps are easy to follow and my issue gets resolve 100% of the time.

Ash Camarsh
Client Service Manager - McGrath Estate Agents
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"Marketing payments are streamlined & reporting is fantastic"

As a trust account manager of a very large & active agency with three offices I find the Trust Accounting module in Agentbox very easy to use. End of month roll over of Trust accounts only takes a few minutes.

Celestine Radford
Trust Account manager

Get that database in check

This FREE GUIDE reveals some of the most powerful strategies to future-proof your real estate agency. These strategies have been unearthed by the Agentbox team through working with literally thousands of sales agents’ databases.

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