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Independence is power

As a Single Agent, amplify your individual strengths and own your market without compromise.

You're in control

Australia’s leading real estate agents use Agentbox to drive their individual success, in collaboration with – or independent of – the business they work for.

Efficient and cost-effective for individuals, Agentbox allows top performers to manage their own database, operating their own business within a larger real estate agency.

Never Miss a Lead - Agentbox
Close the Gap - Agentbox

Close the gap on your competitors, and step into your agency’s power

Centralise and organise all your client information, interactions, and transactions in one secure place.

Say goodbye to missed follow-ups and hello to stronger client connections that lead to increased referrals and repeat business.

A CRM that's just for you

Take control of your destiny whilst remaining within the business you love by implementing Agentbox as your personal CRM.

Agentbox gives structure to your independent or business unit real estate practice, supporting you with the right systems to work vendors and buyers, track the performance of your assistants and – most importantly – to enhance your influence over the market you serve.

Plan your Day - Agentbox
Build a Website - Agentbox

Every tool you need, under one roof

Empower yourself with the industry's premier automation, client engagement, and prospecting tools.

And, elevate your game right from the start with a website that not only makes the best first impression on vendors, buyers, and prospects but also sets you apart as a top-tier agent in the market.

Here's what our customers say

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"Agentbox is an outstanding resource for real estate agents."

It is highly effective for managing and servicing clients, storing notes and office compliance. The interface and user functionality is seamless. I highly recommend Agentbox for anyone considering a change of CRM system.

Benjamin Martin
Sales Associate
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"Agentbox has everything I need to be effective at my fingertips 24/7."

I’m a relatively new Agentbox user and after their excellent practical tutorials it’s quickly become an invaluable element of my property sales activity.

Ross Coleman
Senior Sakes Consultant
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"One of the best platforms I've ever used"

Agentbox has been great value for my one year old business. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Maryam Spicer
Maryam Spicer Property

Find a CRM that's right for you

Choosing a CRM is a big decision that requires partnering with a supplier that aligns with your goals and has the means to make it happen. Make sure you make the best choice for your agency by asking the right questions before you buy.

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Find a CRM thats Right For You - Agentbox

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