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Appraisal management software for real estate

Win more listings and impress your audience with the WOW factor packed into your next proposal.

It's only right that your appraisals reflect your experience

Agentbox CRM's comparative market analysis feature makes it easy to see similar current listings and recent sales on different property portals. Take it a step further with advanced prospecting and compare the property with listings in RP Data.

Send More Appraisals than Anyone Else - Agentbox

Send more appraisals than anyone else

Keep track and classify your appraisals as hot, warm and cold to help you nurture and personalise your approach. Manage your appraisals at the right stages, so your data stays lean and clean.

Keep your eye on the prize

Appraisal stats are close at hand in Agentbox, front and centre on your dashboard so you’re always in the know.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize - Agentbox
Send those Leads Home  - Agentbox

Send those leads home

With digital proposals for your appraisals, you can book appointments directly. Adjust what you need on the fly.

And that's not all...

Mobile Friendly Appraisals - Agentbox

Mobile friendly appraisals

Conduct property walkthroughs and complete your appraisals on the spot with the Agentbox Mobile App.

Buyer Matching - Agentbox

Buyer matching

Need to nudge your vendors a little more? We identify buyer matches from your CRM database to assist in generating interest in your property.

Task Management - Agentbox

Task management

Set simple, automated follow-up tasks directly in your appraisals process, to reach out in future and manage those follow-ups.

Want proposals for more than just appraisals?

Create and send beautifully designed, personalised and interactive Digital Proposals.

Take it a step further with our Digital Proposals that can be used to create Pre-List kits, Sales or Property Management proposals, Recruitment or even pitching yourself!

Add to your Client Engagement Toolkit - Agentbox

Add to your client engagement toolkit

Offer superior customer experiences by using our ready-made templates and themes featuring cutting-edge visual designs and layouts, as well as easily customising content across your proposals.

Create digital experiences that impress

Create Interactive Digital Proposals quickly and efficiently, sent via text or email to showcase your services and value proposition in style, helping you to outshine your competitors.

Create Digital Experience that Impress - Agentbox
Track your Performance - Agentbox

Track your performance

Track interactions and engagements, helping you tailor your services with views and heatmaps that highlight what your audience is most invested in. You can even create next-step actions directly in your proposals to speed things along.

Here's what our customers say

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"I love how efficient it is in creating property appraisals, turning said appraisals into listings, putting the properties up in the market, and processing sales"

Everything is laid out step-by-step, and even those who have not had training with this CRM will find it easy and convenient to use.

Benjamin Martin
Sales Associate
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"Agentbox has everything I need to be effective at my fingertips 24/7."

I’m a relatively new Agentbox user and after their excellent practical tutorials it’s quickly become an invaluable element of my property sales activity.

Ross Coleman
Senior Sakes Consultant
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"Agentbox is an outstanding resource for real estate agents"

It is highly effective for managing and servicing clients, storing notes and office compliance. The interface and user functionality is seamless. I highly recommend Agentbox for anyone considering a change of CRM system.

Benjamin Martin
Sales Associate


What makes our appraisals different?

We protect your client’s interest by giving you additional tools to help produce accurate appraisals that shine. Agentbox gives you the direct ability to view similar current listings or recent sales with our comparative market analysis feature. This is extremely valuable to guide you in competitive markets or highly sought-after areas where multiple buyers are vying for limited properties.

We equip you with appraisal reports that truly inform your vendors, helping make competitive offers that stand out among the competition. This detailed and market-based knowledge, gives your clients a strategic advantage, increasing the likelihood of their offers being accepted. In turn this helps foster transparency and trust, manage risks, and provide strategic guidance. We also provide classification methods on your appraisals so you know what stage a vendor is at. This helps you navigate their readiness, the intricacies of the market and facilitate successful transactions, ultimately ensuring client satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

How can appraisals safeguard you?

Appraisals bring a level of credibility and transparency to the real estate transaction process. When you present a client with a professional appraisal report, it demonstrates that the property's value has been assessed by an unbiased and qualified expert, that’s you!

This transparency brings trust and confidence in both parties involved, reducing the likelihood of disputes or potential legal issues arising from a disagreement over the property's worth. Sales agents, armed with Agentbox comprehensive Appraisal reports, can effectively address any concerns or objections raised by clients, fostering a smoother and more efficient transaction process.

Why are great appraisals so essential?

It's no surprise in this fast-paced and highly competitive world of real estate, sales agents play a vital role in facilitating transactions and guiding vendors through the complex process of buying or selling a property. One essential tool to ensure successful transactions is the appraisals.

Appraisals provide an objective and accurate assessment of a property's value, which serves multiple purposes in the real estate industry.  First and foremost, appraisals serve as a critical component in determining the fair market value of a property. A fair market value appraisal helps sales agents accurately price a property, ensuring that it is neither overpriced nor undervalued, but just right. This knowledge means you are able to negotiate effectively on behalf of your clients, whether they are buyers or sellers. By having reliable appraisal information, you can confidently guide vendors towards setting the right asking price or making reasonable offers, increasing the chances of closing a successful deal.

What else can I do with Digital Proposals?

Don’t think your journey ends with appraisals. Our Digital Proposals can be used for endless use cases such as showcasing your agency and its achievements, as a Pre-Listing kit, used as a Property Management proposal, demonstrating your personal expertise as an agent, or even for your agency recruitment purposes. You can use pre-set templates or fully customise your own digital proposals to suit your agency. Personalise and impress your clientele with Digital Proposals that can be sent in a simple link that open to a beautifully designed layout. You will even have access to statistics highlighting how many times a proposal was opened, viewed and clicked so you can tailor your next piece of communication.

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