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for real estate agents

Unleash the power of marketing for unprecedented growth.

Let's get you more leads

Captivate your target audience, generate a steady stream of qualified leads, and take your brand to new heights.

Ready to go Templates - Agentbox

Ready-to-use marketing templates

Benefit from the convenience of ready-to-use templates, ensuring consistency and professionalism in your email marketing. Maximise your marketing efforts by easily incorporating your listings, open homes, and property updates in the templates.

Nurture your database

Whether it's sending emails, SMS texts, or making phone calls, Agentbox CRM ensures seamless and timely communication, helping you stay connected and responsive.

Nurture Your Database - Agentbox
Integrate with your Faves - Agentbox

Integrate with your faves

There is no other CRM that integrates with as many of your favourite tools as Agentbox.

Complete your marketing tech-stack and integrate seamlessly with your duplicate-free CRM data.

Be found in all the right places

Unleash the power of Agentbox websites, with uniquely designed templates that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

This ensures your online presence not only captivates but converts, strengthening your agency's overall marketing strategy.

Build a Website - Agentbox

The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Pipeline Blueprint

We’ve created this eBook, the Ultimate Marketing & Sales Pipeline Blueprint, to give insider knowledge into the strategies behind successful agencies.

Chock-a-block with the latest templates, strategies, research and resources, this is one resource you’ll come back to time and time again.

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The Ultimate Sales - Agentbox

Ready to attract and convert more leads?

Gain unprecedented success in the competitive real estate industry by maximizing your lead generation.

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"We love Agentbox because it's innovative and always looking to improve the client experience."

I have been working with Agentbox since 2018 as both an agent and an operations manager. We love Agentbox because it lets us template, group our database and offers an amazing array of lead capture features. It's our source of all truth and we'd be lost with Agentbox and their incredible support team!

Emma Baker
Principal - inStyle Estate Agents
Brian Clark Avatar - Agentbox
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"Agentbox has been a fantastic upgrade from our previous CRM."

We find it easy to use from prospector to trust accounting. The app is also fantastic when out in the field. The ease of creating enewsletters each week has been great to get info to a vast number of contacts. The training and frequent webinars are also good to keep on top of the latest upgrades.

Mark Madden
Licensed Sales Consultant Burke&Smyth Real estate
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"Agentbox is so easy & friendly to use!"

Always helps me remember all my buyers, plus helpful with feedback comments. I also use Agent box to add prospect buyers for similar properties coming to the market. I send buyers the link as soon it's ready. This has got me few listings just from being super efficient. Agent box has worked great for our team. Especially on developments. We are able to view previous notes about our clients helping us to close the deal.

Aliza Cole
Sales Associate - Distinct Properties

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