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Keeping your vendors in the know

Impress your clients with a tailor-made digital report showing the progress of your campaign.

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Show your performance

With modern, sleek and easy-to-follow designs, Agentbox Activity Reports are full of valuable insights that your vendors need to know as they look to your expertise for their property campaigns and feedback.

Tailored to your brand

Every agency and property is different, so should be too. Customise your layout, design and information fields to keep your agency looking fresh.

Tailored to your Brand - Agentbox
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Deliver results in real-time

The Agentbox CRM generates activity reports that can be printed or sent directly to your vendors, keeping your data and file management on point.

Here's what our customers say

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"Agentbox is the full package"

Amongst many other things, Agent Box makes it so easy for salespeople to enter their open home attendees and to contact them to follow up and to consequently add the feedback into the very professionally presented Vendor reports. It is the full package making it super easy to use and being able to ring your buyers straight from the app is a winning feature.

Betty Wark
Executive Sales Consultant at McIntyre Property.
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"Agentbox has everything I need to be effective at my fingertips 24/7"

It is really great being able to enter enquiries and buyers attending opens and to follow them and then provide an activity report to the vendor.

Phil Rooke
Luton Properties
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"Agentbox has streamlined our teams ability to work with buyers and provide detailed information to vendors"

All enquiries are captured from a broad range of websites and listed succinctly in the prospective vendors tab. We are able to easily track listing and prospective listings through the pipeline function and organise appointments and followup tasks with ease.

Chloe Lindbeck
Personal Assistant, Belle Property


What is vendor management?

Vendor management is the process of keeping your vendors (or clients) informed. It reflects your expert services and excellence towards customer service which can in turn reflect itself in a successful property sale and continued business.

Vendor management can come in a variety of forms, however with Agentbox we offer Activity Reports. They ensure the parties involved in the transaction can make well-informed decisions and ensure a smoother and more transparent real estate process.

Why is vendor management important?

Managing vendor communication and expectations contributes a significant amount to the success of you and your agency goals. Rule number one is an informed seller is likely to make informed decisions. The opposite is also true. This is why Agentbox has create detailed Activity Reports so you can offer personalised and tailored services to your vendors.

What’s in the Activity Reports?

Agentbox generated Activity Reports provide essential campaign statistics your vendors and landlords will want to know. Some of the insights include Days on Market, Current Advertised Price, Enquired, Open Homes, Viewed by Appointment, Price Feedback Charts, Marketing Snapshots, Contracts Issues, Offers and Internet Statistics. Not to mention all neatly presented in one nice, fine-looking report showcasing your agency as a cut above the rest in your service offerings.

How do the Activity Reports help me?

Providing key insights from a sales campaign ensures your vendors are not left in the dark, questioning the successes and contributions made to their campaign. Providing direct buyer feedback, internet benchmarks, days on the market, price recommendations along with your advice on what you see happening can really improve the overall success of a sales campaign.

By using facts and not assumptions, it can avoid impulsive reactions that can often lead to undesired results. When you can report back to your vendors with accurate data and advice, it can help them take your words of wisdom onboard to adjust the marketing plans or accepting offers and so on. When a vendor can digest these insights in greater detail than say, a short phone chat, it helps on that next conversation about your recommendations and is a great tool in moving from emotional reactions to logical and though out responses.

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