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Jun 24, 2024

Creative Christmas Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

You know the saying - it’s the season to be jolly. But for real estate agents, it can feel more like a race to see who can come up with the most creative Christmas marketing ideas first.

Creative Christmas Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

You know the saying - it’s the season to be jolly. But for real estate agents, it can feel more like a race to see who can come up with the most creative Christmas marketing ideas first. At this time of year, brokers must compete against other agencies and agents who are also trying to stand out from their competition and attract new customers.

The best way to stand above the rest is through innovative and memorable marketing techniques that will leave your potential clients talking long after the holidays have ended. So if you’re looking for some creative Christmas marketing ideas, we’ve got you covered!From social media ads to holiday pop-up events, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd this December!

Send Out Christmas Thank You Cards

If you’re thinking of running Christmas ads in December, you might as well start sending out thank you cards right now. Why? Sending out year-end thank you cards will show your clients that you’re already thinking of them and looking forward to a successful partnership in the new year.

At the same time, these cards will let your clients know that you’re still available to help them find the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. By sending out thank you cards before Christmas, you can ensure that your clients get in touch with you before the rush, so you can help them find the best gifts possible.

Run Christmas Themed Ads

If you’re feeling a bit more daring, try running Christmas themed ads either online or in more traditional methods such as television or radio advertising.For this to be as effective as possible, think to yourself, “Where would my prospects be right now and how can I target them?”. If your ideal customer loves television and newspapers, target them through those channels. If they are predominantly online, social media marketing might be the answer!Think about the type of ad that would resonate with your audience. Some examples you could create include:

  1. Christmas themed video of your staff, wishing all of your clients a Merry Christmas
  2. An short, animated video that summarises the statistics that your agency has achieved over the last year
  3. If you have an office mascot (either a costume or a real life office dog!), you could involve them in the video to encapsulate maximum brand awareness and engagement
  4. A compilation of short, video testimonials from your clients that summarises your achievements over the past year
  5. Bright, engaging and colourful Christmas themed images or gifs that contain your agency's brand colours!

There are many creative ways to advertise your agency during the Christmas break, but you must make sure that your ads are up to par with the rest of your marketing materials. If your ads don’t look as impressive as your website or printed brochures, or seem authentic, they won’t help you to attract new customers.

Streamline Your Content Marketing Activity

If you’re looking for ways to build brand awareness throughout the year, this is the perfect time to start incorporating Christmas themed content into your marketing strategy. Christmas themed content can be very helpful for building brand awareness in a couple of ways.

First, it attracts potential clients to your page who may have otherwise overlooked you. Second, it allows you to show off your marketing skills and put your best foot forward. If potential clients have been following you for some time now, they’ll realise that you’re not just someone who shows up at the holidays - you’re someone who is serious about their agency and the clients they serve. Here are some non-negotiables that you should be including in your agency’s content marketing strategy leading up to Christmas!

  1. Email marketing Send out Christmas themed emails to your prospects and clients. It’s important that not all of these emails have an intention of selling your service. Ensure that you include emails that show your agency genuinely wants your clients to have a safe and happy Christmas break. Agentbox has a fantastic, in-built marketing function that allows you to send bulk emails to clients, in a range of different templates!
  2. Blog posts Blog posts are a great way to create content in a short period of time. They are also a super versatile piece of content, which you can promote on social media, link in your emails, call out in webinars, or feature prominently on your website. Research what topics your target audience are actively searching for using tools such as Google Trends.
  3. Ebooks One of the most powerful lead generation tools! Ebooks are fantastic, as they can be super comprehensive, or only a few pages long. As long as they provide your target audience with value, they are worthwhile. Think about what type of content (do you have existing high performing blogs you could re-purpose?), you can turn into an ebook to capitalise on the Christmas period, as well as engaging prospects.
  4. Webinars Webinars are another fantastic piece of content that can be repurposed and shared throughout multiple channels of your agency. It’s important to keep in mind your target audiences buying lifecycle. Are they likely to purchase from your business around this time of year? Ensure you’re tailoring the webinar content to provide them with the information they need.

Run A Giveaway On Social Media

If you’re already actively posting on social media, now is the perfect time to kick things up a notch. Why not use this as a perfect time to run a giveaway for your agency? Use popular hashtags like #Christmas2022 and #MerryChristmas to boost your posts to a wider audience. Whether you are giving away a gift hamper, a bottle of wine, or a holiday,Throw in a catchy caption and you’re nearly guaranteed to get likes! This is the perfect time to post GIFs and videos too. While gifs and emojis are great for social media posts, videos will really help you stand out. Keep in mind that these videos will likely be shown in people’s feeds, not on their actual pages.This means that they should be short and sweet - around five minutes long at most.

Partner With Local Businesses

Another way to build brand awareness is to partner with local businesses. This strategy is great because you can exchange gifts with other businesses in your area, which will help to boost your name recognition in the community.

You can participate in gift exchanges in a couple of different ways. You could host a gift exchange with other businesses in your area or you could become a part of a gift exchange event.Alternatively, you could go a more traditional route and offer gift hampers to your clients. This can be a great way to give back to your community while also boosting your brand recognition.

Surprise and Delight

Finally, you can surprise and delight your clients by bringing a special Christmas service to their home. It’s important to note that this type of marketing should be done with the sole intention of genuinely making someone's day, and not as a lead generation tool.You could bring a Christmas tree or gifts to someone within your community who is unable to purchase one on their own, offer to hang Christmas lights for someone’s home, or host a Christmas food baking session.

This is a great method for showing your appreciation for your clients and helping them to feel special. You could also host a Christmas party or special event for your clients. This would be a great time to invite potential clients to your agency and will also help you to become more familiar with your existing clients and their needs.

Now is the perfect time to start brainstorming some creative Christmas marketing ideas. Whether you’re hosting a holiday pop-up shop or throwing a party for your clients, these tips will help you stand out from the crowd this December. With just a few weeks left until Christmas, now is the time to start planning.Take some time to brainstorm some unique ways to celebrate the holidays and get your clients excited about the season. And don’t forget - these tips can be used year-round, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas. With these creative Christmas marketing ideas, your business is sure to have a very merry Christmas and a bright future in the new year!

From the team at Agentbox, we hope you all have a wonderful and safe festive period!