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Mar 1, 2024

Discover, Connect, Conquer: Introducing the New Prospector

With stronger data, improved filtering and more detailed search capabilities, get ready to take your prospecting to new heights.

Discover, Connect, Conquer: Introducing the New Prospector

We've started 2024 with a bang here at Agentbox - We're thrilled to unveil the new and improved Prospector Module! This upgrade is a direct response to your insights, designed to empower you in building unparalleled market knowledge. With improved data at your fingertips, you'll be equipped to engage in more meaningful conversations, ensuring every interaction is backed by the best information. The enhanced Prospector Module will not only change the way you approach your market, but is also geared towards helping you secure more appraisals. Let's explore the updates together!

Access on-the-market data, powered by CoreLogic

Unlock the full potential of your real estate endeavours with seamless access to on-the-market data, seamlessly powered by CoreLogic, all within the Agentbox platform. Say goodbye to navigating between different tools—now, you can harness the power of comprehensive market insights without ever leaving Agentbox. This integration empowers you to elevate your prospecting efforts with unparalleled precision. Target properties surrounding both active listings and ageing listings effortlessly, ensuring that every move you make is backed by the latest and most relevant market data.

The new Prospector Home Tab

Explore a dynamic snapshot of crucial area statistics at a glance. Stay ahead with insights into new listings, recent sales, ageing listings, all listings, your listings vs other agent's listings, missed opportunities, and properties sold in the last 5 years.

A new & improved map view

Say goodbye to static maps – our latest update brings dynamism to your map view. Map pins now reflect relationships with properties and property owners, offering a visual representation of key connections. Introducing an interactive map legend, providing a quick count overview and the ability to hide/show results by each category. This feature ensures a more targeted prospecting experience, giving you unprecedented control and insight.

Enhanced list view

The list view has undergone a transformation to better identify opportunities and relationships with properties and owners. But that's not all – now, you can perform a live comparison of Agentbox data with CoreLogic. Discrepancies are highlighted, offering a real-time understanding of your data accuracy and empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Surround search enhancements

Experience a streamlined and more powerful surround search functionality with enhanced accessibility. Now, effortlessly explore 'On the Market' properties and seamlessly search for surrounding properties also on the market. Alternatively, choose 'Properties' to broaden your search and explore all properties in the vicinity. This upgraded feature provides you with intuitive and efficient ways to navigate your real estate landscape, ensuring you find the information you need with ease and precision.

Filtering Upgrades

Separation of properties by 'Owner Details' vs. 'No Owner Details'

Effortlessly distinguish between properties with and without owner details, bringing a new level of precision to your outreach strategies. No more guessing games or time-consuming searches—now, at a glance, identify properties with complete owner details, streamlining your communication and outreach efforts. This enhancement ensures that your interactions are not only more informed but also tailored to each property's unique ownership profile.

View & filter by relationships with properties & owners

Dive into a more profound understanding of your real estate landscape with the ability to explore and filter by relationships with properties and their owners. This not only streamlines your data analysis but also provides a comprehensive view, enabling you to make more informed decisions and cultivate stronger connections within your real estate network.

Filter for & identify missed opportunities

Capitalise on missed opportunities with our refined filtering system, ensuring no valuable connection slips through the cracks. This enhanced feature allows you to gain insights into the factors contributing to missed opportunities or pinpoint properties where you know the owner(s) but missed the opportunity to appraise. With this refined filtering system, you have the tools to systematically address and rectify missed opportunities, fortifying your position in the market and maximising your potential for success.

Filter by Prospect Agent(s) or Owner Staff

Now, you can easily exclude search results that involve properties being prospected by staff members or other prospect agents, especially in shared or overlapping core areas. This powerful filtering option ensures that your prospecting efforts are focused and targeted, eliminating unnecessary overlap and allowing you to maximise your impact in exclusive areas.

If you’d like to learn more about how Agentbox's Prospector can help your agency grow, you can book a demo with our friendly team here: Book a demo for Agentbox